Harry Wood

Welcome to Harry Wood's website. The blog is probably more interesting than the rest of this site... and the blog isn't very interesting so what does that tell you?

Recent blog posts:

A tech manifesto from 2007
I’ve just been tidying some old content on this website, which I’d written just over 10 years ago now. Back then I wrote a kind of tech manifesto, or at least a collection of various broad thoughts of tech and the IT industry I was ... read more 10/05/2017 01:50
My SOTM 2017 talk: Diagrams of OpenStreetMap
I gave a talk at State Of the Map 2017, the official OpenStreetMap annual conference, which took place in Japan last month. “The Diagrams of OpenStreetMap” is a tour of a various diagrams illustrating the project, but focussing more on ... read more 09/18/2017 14:19
OpenStreetMap Notes in MAPS.ME
I made a tool to scratch an itch I’ve been having recently. I wanted to see OpenStreetMap notes within the MAPS.ME app, so I made a thing to fetch and generate… OpenStreetMap notes as KML This let’s you grab all the notes in an ... read more 03/12/2017 12:25
Open House rails developer
[Update: They’ve now hired a rails developer. Thanks for the responses! Still opportunities to help I’m sure. I will to try post an update on how to get involved] I wanted to help promote this Ruby on Rails developer job at OpenCity ... read more 12/02/2016 14:30
Thanks Chain Reaction Cycles!
Look how happy our baby is with his new littleĀ bike: ItĀ arrived in a box yesterday along with a letter from Chain Reaction Cycles: “Dear Baby Wood, We noticed that your daddy got a nice new bike delivered from our website and you were ... read more 11/23/2016 02:53

OpenStreetMap diary:

Adding vector tiles to the components diagram
A few weeks back I gave a talk in London which was a sneak preview of my "Diagrams Of OpenStreetMap" SoTM talk Yes! ... read more 07/26/2017 00:51
Mapping Grenfell Tower
A month ago the Grenfell Tower fire happened, killing >80 people. Back in 2009 we did an OpenStreetMap mapping party near ... read more 07/13/2017 01:19
Wenlock Arms January (+ Blue posts tonight!)
We've got an OpenStreetMap London pub meet-up tonight! We're managing them approximately monthly these days, so last ... read more 02/21/2017 13:15
The OpenStreetMap awards, and writing about people in pubs
I was meaning to say (and left it a bit late) it is a great honour to be nominated for the OpenStreetMap awards. I have realised ... read more 09/22/2016 12:49
Long Names of OpenStreetMap
Check out this thing which I just got working again: >>> Long Names of OpenStreetMap <<< So that's ... read more 08/31/2016 14:41