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Welcome to Harry Wood's website. The blog is probably more interesting than the rest of this site... and the blog isn't very interesting so what does that tell you?

Recent blog posts:

2020 for me
2020, the year of the virus, has been pretty alright for me actually. For me it was never going to be a normal year, with a new daughter arriving in January. By comparison the virus …well it’s a big deal, but impacted me relatively ... read more 2021/01/02 00:58
Linear time calculator
I keep doing the same calculation over and over again, so I decided to make an online tool specially for it: >>> Linear time calculator <<< It’s a simple enough calculation to work out a time estimate for something ... read more 2020/09/04 23:42
Successfully spawning offspring
Our second baby arrived last week. Here she is. Our new baby girl! It was a planned C-section, and all went to plan, in contrast to the unexpected twists and turns of our boy’s birth which I blogged about four years ago. She seems partial to ... read more 2020/01/17 18:14
Open Data Camp
I went to Open Data Camp 7 last weekend. It’s an event I’ve been hoping to get along to for years now. Always lots of interesting looking twitter chat coming out of it. But this year it happened in London, and I managed to be on the ball ... read more 2019/11/11 10:25
Think tanks and financial transparency
Last week’s Question Time introduced one of the panelists, Kate Andrews from the “Institute of Economic Affairs“. What an organisation name! It sounds so official. So governmental. So trustworthy …yeah not so much. The name ... read more 2019/05/09 14:15

OpenStreetMap diary:

Northwick Park Hospital buildings
Last night I sat and armchair-mapped a load of hospital buildings for Northwick Park Hospital here in North West London I tend ... read more 2021/05/19 14:24
New hyper-detailed garden fence mapping in London
A few days back I noticed a new patch of hyper-detailed mapping appearing on the London map here near Stroud Green Road, with ... read more 2020/08/18 21:21
Long Names Of OpenStreetMap. 2019 update.
I updated the “Long Names Of OpenStreetMap”. Now there are 722 long names, that is, objects with a name longer than 150 ... read more 2019/08/01 02:10
A little shop contact page ...with OpenStreetMap
A rare thing happened with some shop mapping I was doing just now. I was adding “HOM Concept” from my Mapillary view out of a ... read more 2019/06/06 01:22
Using Rob Whitaker's tool to map UK Public Rights of Way
We’re coming to the end of the UK quarterly mapping project on footpaths. The designation=public_footpath edit tracker …is ... read more 2018/09/25 14:10