Harry Wood

Welcome to Harry Wood's website. The blog is probably more interesting than the rest of this site... and the blog isn't very interesting so what does that tell you?

Recent blog posts:

space4 – OpenStreetMap games and engagement talk
I gave the following talk at “space4” the other day, at an event called “Mapping for change – games and other processes of public engagement“. My talk was an introduction to OpenStreetMap, which is something I ... read more 2018/06/05 11:40
Yak Shaving and Woolly Jumpers
Photo by Glen MacLarty – A woolly jumper being knitted (…probably not from Yak’s wool) Do all developers know the phrase “yak shaving”? Apparently not. I see it being introduced to a new generation of developers here. ... read more 2018/04/16 22:54
Government snooping and breaking encryption. Hurrah!
I was just looking at some old photos from this time last year. A year ago the weather was a lot better and I finally made it to Bletchley Park. It filled me with chest-thumping patriotic pride to think of these code-breakers puzzling over ... read more 2018/04/05 13:30
New job at OpenCorporates
A month ago I started a new job. This is a big deal for me because I’d been in at TransportAPI for eight years. But time for a new job in 2018! I’ve just started at OpenCorporates. OpenCorporates provides company listings data. It has a ... read more 2018/02/12 02:22
Printable Calendar tool
Here’s a little thing I just found (I have lots of silly bits of code like this kicking around) : Printable Calendar Generate a calendar in a strip layout, suitable for printing, with lots of space for writing notes next to each date. I ... read more 2017/11/18 23:49

OpenStreetMap diary:

Using Rob Whitaker's tool to map UK Public Rights of Way
We're coming to the end of the UK quarterly mapping project on footpaths. The designation=public_footpath edit ... read more 2018/09/25 14:10
Fixing multipolygons for the renderer
Just thought I would re-iterate something imagico blogged about. Some important features may have disappeared from the map near ... read more 2018/09/04 12:18
London OpenStreetMap Q&A
I don't think anyone blogged about London OpenStreetMap Q&A events yet, but we should! We've been experimenting with ... read more 2018/03/09 19:22
Zoffany Street
I just added Zoffany Street to the map in more detail (all buildings and addresses): It's a very short little street. A ... read more 2017/10/30 15:48
Adding vector tiles to the components diagram
A few weeks back I gave a talk in London which was a sneak preview of my "Diagrams Of OpenStreetMap" SoTM talk Yes! ... read more 2017/07/26 00:51